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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is about the immortal cell line, HeLa, and it’s progenitor, Henrietta Lacks. The books switches between the two topics, with each chapter alternating between Henrietta’s early life up until she discovers that she has cervical cancer and the story of her cells. I thought that both stories […]

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US History Propaganda Poster


An assignment for a US history class to create a propaganda poster from WWI. I couldn’t find any pictures of a WWI tank from the angle that I wanted, so the historical accuracy of this picture is questionable. The text translates to “For the Kaiser!” and “Help the Fatherland, Join the Struggle”. Full dimensions are […]

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Cell Biology Poster


Created on a limited time frame, this informative poster on Cell Biology was designed for an Advanced Placement Biology class. Full dimensions are 17 x 21 inches.

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DEFEATcancer Rack Cards


DEFEATcancer is a cancer survivorship program that is part of the St Charles Cancer Center. These rack cards were created to explain the program’s purpose and goals.

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Superman GSA Poster


My third poster for the Summit Gay-Straight Alliance was inspired by the original 1978 Superman movie poster.

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GSA Slogan Poster


This is the second poster I designed for Summit High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance. The original posters were getting ripped down, so for the reprint I also made a second poster that more prominently displayed the slogan.

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GSA Poster


I designed this poster for my high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. I wanted it to be able to be printed in black and white to keep the cost down but also be bold and eye-catching. Since most print shops don’t charge for the amount of ink that you use I was free to use as much […]

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AgewiseMD Body Composition Voucher


This handout was created for a local company called AgeWiseMD that specializes in age prevention medicine. Dimensions are 5.6 x 4.33 inches.

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Vima Lupwa Brochure


Vima Lupwa Homes is a nonprofit company based in Bend, Oregon that provides a home, family, and education for children in Zambia. I volunteered with them and offered to create their brochure.

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AP European History Timeline


My first ever AP course was also probably my hardest. European history was the only subject available in the Advanced Placement course for sophomores, and everyone was taking it so why not? How hard could it be? Throughout the course, my sense of chronology was completely off. The only thing I knew was that in […]

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