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DEFEAT Cancer Website


The DEFEAT Cancer website was designed on a volunteer basis. DEFEAT Cancer is a survivorship program based in Bend, Oregon that for cancer survivors and their caregivers. It took me about two weeks total, working every day, to complete the entire website.

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WWII Propaganda Poster


I made this poster for a US history class. The process took about an hour, recycling a grunge effect used on a previous project. The earth image was used with a Creative Commons License and edited in Photoshop to appear like a drawing. Full dimensions are 17 X 21 inches.

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The Daily Planet


This newspaper was made for a history class. The assignment was to make a newspaper that reflected the 1920s. I used The Daily Planet paper out of the Superman comics as the base, and actual newspapers from the 1920s as a model. Full unfolded dimensions are 21 x 17 inches. Content is written by myself […]

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Retro Inspiration


Retro Inspiration is a site dedicated to all things that draw their influence from simpler time. It celebrates the art, cars, advertisements, movies, and television that are inspired by days gone by. I made this site in about 12 hours over the course of two days. I was pretty inspired to make a retro-styled site, […]

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US History Propaganda Poster


An assignment for a US history class to create a propaganda poster from WWI. I couldn’t find any pictures of a WWI tank from the angle that I wanted, so the historical accuracy of this picture is questionable. The text translates to “For the Kaiser!” and “Help the Fatherland, Join the Struggle”. Full dimensions are […]

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Cell Biology Poster


Created on a limited time frame, this informative poster on Cell Biology was designed for an Advanced Placement Biology class. Full dimensions are 17 x 21 inches.

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DEFEATcancer Rack Cards


DEFEATcancer is a cancer survivorship program that is part of the St Charles Cancer Center. These rack cards were created to explain the program’s purpose and goals.

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Superman GSA Poster


My third poster for the Summit Gay-Straight Alliance was inspired by the original 1978 Superman movie poster.

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GSA Slogan Poster


This is the second poster I designed for Summit High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance. The original posters were getting ripped down, so for the reprint I also made a second poster that more prominently displayed the slogan.

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GSA Poster


I designed this poster for my high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. I wanted it to be able to be printed in black and white to keep the cost down but also be bold and eye-catching. Since most print shops don’t charge for the amount of ink that you use I was free to use as much […]

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