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New NBC Universal Logo

This: From: How does “proficient in Microsoft Word” constitute as a resume for a graphic designer now? I understand getting rid of the peacock, and I almost understand making it more boring, but making it uglier? Seriously?

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No longer will I have to deal with messy ketchup packets!

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I need one of these:

…and I don’t even work at an IT desk! credit goes to

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You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Inception. I was expecting it to be needlessly confusing and have that constant sense of climax that plagued The Dark Knight and have an unoriginal twist ending like Shutter Island. In truth, Inception is enjoyable and thought-provoking, and wasn’t actually half as confusing as some […]

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Mass Effect 2

I got Mass Effect 2 for Christmas, and it was awesome. I say was, because I already finished it. I had played the first one and thought it was good, if flawed *cough*inventory management*cough* but the new one was so much better in every respect. I especially liked giving the Medi-Gels and Omni-Gels the boot […]

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